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Ragtimes for 3 Flutes and Piano

From about 1850 to the turn of the century a style developed in the USA that can be labelled a precursor of jazz and swing. During this time – around 1870 to be more precise – ragtime evolved from the cakewalk, a rhythmically similar dance of the African-American people. Originating in the southern states of the USA, it spread – as jazz in general – to the north (Chicago and New York). Well-known composers of ragtime are Scott Joplin and James Scott. Although it can be heard on different instruments, ragtime is still most popular for the piano.


It has been the intention of the editor and a challenge for the composer to make some rags accessible to the „world of the flute“. I am convinced that the ragtimes in this album, written for three flutes and piano, will prove of value in education as well as on the stage.

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