Ryerson, Ali 4 Jazz Duets

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4 Jazz Duets for 2 Flutes

score and parts

Partitur und Stimmen

At last(!), here is my first collection of swingin’ jazz duets for classical and jazz flutists alike. These cool melodies and groovin’ jazz rhythms are sure to transform your flute duet into a real jazz duo! A few tips to achieve that true jazz sound on the flute: try using a bit less vibrato; play with a subtle swing feel (swing 8th notes); use legato tonguing (unless otherwise marked) as your “default” jazz articulation.

Two of the four duets, ‘Daytime Blues’ and ‘In the Shade’, offer a “solo section” where you can either improvise over a 12-bar blues chord progression (chord symbols are marked), or play the optional written-out solo.

I hope you have as much fun playing these jazz duets as I have!

 Ali Ryerson



This set of four duets is designed for both classical and jazz players and provides an enjoyable introduction into the jazz idiom. Ryerson gives advice on how to create a jazz sound, including using legato tonguing as a default, reducing the amount of vibrato used and lightly swinging the quavers. The first two duets, Daytime Blues and In the Shade, provide opportunities for improvised solos over a 12-bar blues pattern, with chord symbols provided as well as a written-out version of the solo for those with less confidence to improvise. This is an excellent opportunity to develop an understanding of both the construction of the 12-bar blues pattern and to gain experience in improvising, all within the safe environment of a flute duet rehearsal! Both players have the opportunity to have a go at creating a solo, meaning that this is potentially an area an established duo can develop together. Each of the duets is relatively short and well suited for intermediate players. The score is well presented in a typical jazz-style type face, with both parts and the score provided. The pieces are fun and capture Ryerson’s characteristic energy. These are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in venturing into the jazz domain, as well as enjoyable, well-written pieces which provide scope for those with more jazz experience to explore style and interpretation in more depth. Ideal for students and amateurs alike, these are likely to become quite a big hit.