95119 Brydern, Benedikt

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"Travel diaries"

5 easy pieces for 4 flutes

    on the train
    the old birdhouse    Audio
    Moonlight ballerina  Audio

             Balloon ride Audio

             Charades  Audio

Score and parts 

Travel can be very inspiring. New places to see, people to meet and sometimes even a bit adventurous. Some of us write those daily impressions into a diary or notebook. The five short easy pieces contained in this book tell these stories. All flutes are treated equally with the melodies and accompaniments being carefully distributed among the players. The "rocking" eight notes of the first piece take you on a gentle train ride, a melancholic melody tells the story of an old birdhouse, a ballerina dances magically in the moonlight, an exciting balloon ride lifts you up in spirit and the day ends with  lots of fun and charades. Good times !

   Benedikt Brydern

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