Flute and Piano

Ave Maria

Bach, J.S.


Sinfonia  " non sa che sia dolore" BWV 209

Böhm, Theobald

La Ronde des Lutins op.25

für Flöte und Klavier

Böhm, Theobald

Souvenir des Alpes

20064 Böhm, Theobald

Bonis, Mel

Bonis, Mel

98013 Bonis, Mel





98014 Bonis, Mel

Bonis, Mel

Bonis, Mel


Brydern, Benedikt

City grooves

11 pieces for flute and piano

Every city has its own rhythm and groove. Interlocking parts and motions. From busy mornings through lazy afternoons and quiet nights you encounter various moods every day. The following 11 pieces are snapshots of those moment. Sometimes serious , sometimes humorous they reflect an inspiration taken  from my regulary travel as a composer to various cities around the world.  I hope you like them and you'll take the listener to that place, too.

Clinton, John

Dufau, Alexandre


98005 Fauré, Gabriel

Fröhlich, J. Fr.

Frühling, Carl

Fantasie für Flöte und Klavier

Graf, Friedrich Hartmann

Hamori, Thomas

Hartmann, J. P. E.

Flötensonate B-Dur

20018 Hurlstone, William Y.

Jensen, Niels Peter

Sonate A flat major op. 6

for Flute and Piano

Jensen, Niels Peter

Sonata G-major op.18

for Flute and Piano

20038 Kronke, Emil

Album for Flute and Piano

20039 Kronke, Emil

Bagatellen op. 162 for Flute and Piano