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"Four choros and lullabies" for flute and piano

Each individual part of the "Four Choros and Lullabies for Flute and Piano" cycle was written in New York in the late 1980's and early 1990's under diverse circumstances and for various reasons or occasions. They were conceived during a rather bohemian phase when I was heading an original jazz ensemble, Amazonica Universal Orchestra, and often participating in studio recordings besides writing for the concert stage.

The collection of works is a rather personal one since each piece, "part" or "movement" was written for a friend or extended family member. "Serenade" was originally written to celebrate "aunt and uncle" Mildred and Aaron Rosenfeld's 50th wedding anniversary in New York... dear relatives no longer among us. Brazilian composer / musician extraordinaire Hermeto Pascoal provided me with great inspiration and much incentive to start Amazonica Universal Orchestra... I then wrote and dedicated "Campeao" to Hermeto, a "brother of sound" as he would call us. Birita in Boston came about having some beers with an old friend, Sidor Hulak, at a sidewalk cafe on Newbury Street, Boston, and as the drinking went on so did the piece written right there on a paper napkin... Serenade, Campeao and Birita were initially written to be performed by Amazonica Universal Orchestra and indeed the works were often performed (and also recorded) arranged for the ensemble. Later on, I decided to re-write them as stand alone chamber music pieces for flute and piano. Nocturne, Lullaby  was dedicated to the memory of a good friend's mother who had just then passed away. Listenning to Hal Zoref speak of his beloved mom, Anita, was indeed sad but also very beautiful and moving...

                                                                                                  Miguel Kertsman, October 2005

  1. Serenade
  2. Campeao (Champion)

  1. Carnival Etude - "Birita in Boston"
  2. Nocturne - Lullaby


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